Friday, September 14, 2007

i have been dead for FAR too long due to irrational bullshit. One being my modem died AHHA. jerk.

Anyways art for your FACE.

Teacher at my skool got wind of my stuff and asked me to do a stork in the woosh wooshy stile. Which i still stole from Donnachada Daly. But's sooo fun T_t

New chara idea. THIS was mondo fun. I unno PEN DOODLES ARE AWESOME.


Sergi Cardó said...

Marvelous drawings, with a lot of intention, very strong. WAW!


Jeeeeeess said...

sdlkfsdlkf new character girl looks so cool ;; SO BUMMED that my stupid ex had to come over the other day and make things all awkward and I couldn't see her story until I got back to the computer after my brother stole it and augh ;__; sorryshavos<3

Amber Neely said...

DUDE I LOVE THE STORKS TINY, TINY, TINY HAT! I love your wooshy style. I also love your pen drawings. ;_; I R JEALOUS OF YOUR MARVELOUSNESS.

Heart Heart!