Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh my poor blog I haven't updated you in so, so long. *bad person*

Anyways nothing much is new, Been doodlin here and there but nothing much minus that.

Here are some images~

A Land God idea I got from Spirited Away/Princess Monoke. Mostly on No Face and the Deer God. This was the first image and I changed it's tail a bit and kinda redesigned the eyes(which I tend to do unconciously but whatever)

The Land God I have also has 2 sets of teeth. NEVER FEAR! It's a complete vegitarian and loves those overly large chestnut things, but the foremost set of teeth are for attacking or sheering off branches and what have you, the back teeth are it's primary it uses for NOMNOMNOM-ing.

memo to me: do more art.

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