Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ugh i am sorry my precious blog *pets* I have not been keeping up on you at alls~ So much drama and bullshit and more dramashit from bulls. But yeah, I have some more work here! Mostly sketches since i don't have time/don't want to finish any work as of late.

Also hopefully these are SOMEWHAT different form usual *style wise* i'm trying to work on breaking my default drawing style *which you can view in previous posts* So i can be more flexible and so ppl don't look at my work and go "oh...well that's a nicer looking anime style" cuz yeah....

I name him Jared, after that stupid jewlery store and their COMMERCIALS. Well no not really, i just like the name and it works...?

ANIMALS! I have an easier time working with different shapes when i draw animals, than when i draw people. Because of my horribly defaulted settings for people *KICKS* But yeah been drawin this stuff to get more shape designs down.

My teacher, Mr. Hedgpeth is actually helping me try to break my default so he just recently *last week* went on giving me some "assignments" this one was UGLY FAIRIES. Or non-stereotypical fairies or something. And these were the best out of them. The fat man i could've gone more extreme on and i'll probably fix him up later, and the other one with the freaky face was the one that everyone either shuddered at or laughed at. Pretty body, ugly face. YAY~!

Another assignment from last week, animal tourists, since he knows i have an easier time with different shapes when i draw animals. He told me to draw prehistoric/bugs/aquatic. Granted i did more prehistoric because i kinda really <3 dinos. There's a grandpa...terra...i can't spell it, then T-rex parents with overly hyper child, two raptors talkin about an ostrich, a japanese spider tourist lady and a sushi making dolphin :3

Another assignment from Hedgpeth, this one is actually after the last week ones. This draw stereotypical mom types. Work out mom, business mom and socceer mom. The originals of these were...ugh and these are much better *thanks to some tips from Hedgpeth and my friend Rose*

Oh and workout mom reminds me of this lady i see sometimes, when i go to work, with the same kinda gear and one of those strap on baby holders, cept it's on the front and instead of a baby it's a small dog 8D....well the dog is cute.

That's it so far, i have more asignments to do, so expect a lot more of those!

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Jessica said...

Gorgeous work, Shavos! O: Your art is amazing no matter what style you try, dogdammit. And you're doing a really good job of working out of your normal style! I mean, I ADORE your usual style and all, but for the kind of switch you're aiming for this is all looking awesome. So many people fail completely at altering their styles when they claim they plan to and just fall back into the same old traps automatically. XD and omg I love soccer mom. MOOOOVE!!11 lsdknf;laksd I MISS SHAVO sorry I've been so busy and untalkative lately, augh. <333