Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bubby by Colbie Caillat is such an adorable song *sighsigh* anyways so onto other things~ And i again remembered how much i loved Alphos Mucha's work...i wish i could do art like him 8^8

I recently finished finals and i'm SO glad, it was a really stressful semester lots of issues and problems and bully whatnots~ But it was....interesting regardless and not something i'd take back. Except for the fact i lost my voice and it's still rather lost, I miss being able to sing operatic when i'm happy or screaming out happiness when around my pets...yeah.....whatever.

Anyways new art:

The image for a DVD poster I made for Business of Animation, as hard as it was to do, it was mega fun. And i realise how much i enjoy doing mock ups like this~! I'm also going to build these all into characters and whatnot. ;; funtimes~

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